We hope the FAQs below can help answer most of your questions, but please do contact us if you have any others


Q: When can we have access to the barn for deliveries and setting up?
A: For a Saturday wedding you’ll have access to the barn for deliveries and setting up tables etc. from 9am the day before, until 12pm the Monday after. For a midweek (Wednesday) wedding you’ll have access to the barn from 9am on the day before, until 12pm on the day after

Q: What time can we use the barn on the day of the wedding? 
A: Your guests can arrive from 11:00am on the day of the wedding and can stay until midnight, however by 12:15am we expect the barn to be empty, so we ask that drinks service ends at 11:45pm and unfortunately as a condition of our licence the music has to be turned off at 11:00pm

Q: What restrictions are there around the caterers we use?
A: None, you’re welcome to use who you’d like, though we can recommend some local suppliers

Q: Do you offer an event management service?
A: Unfortunately not, we offer the venue for hire as it is, but we don’t offer any kind of event management. We can recommend suppliers for you to deal with directly if you like though

Q: Do you charge corkage?
A: No, we don’t. You can run the bar as you like. We also have a galvanized trough you can borrow which is great for self-served beer and wine

Q: Who does the clearing up?
A: Your caterers will usually clear up and we expect to find the place reasonably clean and tidy after you’ve left, if your caterers aren’t doing it then please let us know in advance and we can plan to. We have large general purpose and recycling bins on-site

Q: Do you have tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery or glasses we can rent?
A: Not yet, we’re considering it and may have some by the time you get married, but we’ll let you know – and if you don’t want to use ours, you can still hire in others anyway

Q: What else do we need to hire?
A: It’s up to you, but the list might include caterers, entertainment, table decorations, sound system, stage, and if you think you’ll need it, a marquee heater (you can use our gas ones outside if you supply the gas, but you may want a marquee blow-heater for inside the barn depending on the season)

Q: Is the stretch tent included?
A: Yes, this is included

Q: Can we decorate the barn?
A: Yes…to some extent! Please discuss anything you might want with us in advance, generally the beams can be decorated or used to hang things from, the walls however are old, crumbly and things cannot be attached to them (unless it’s hung from the beams above)

Q: Can we bring dogs?
A: Yes absolutely, though they are here as your responsibility and not to be left unattended. The venue is not dog-proof I’m afraid, nor are there any rooms that can be closed except the main barn itself

Q: How do we check availability, prices and book?
A: The venue is new and we still have plenty of availability in 2020 and beyond. Please enquire using the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly. Once you’re ready to book we will ask you for a 25% deposit to confirm your booking

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